Consequence of Corona on jobs

The consequence of Corona Virus (COVID-19): Here are the jobs to be gain and lost

The corona virus transformed the work market almost overnight. The global epidemic has had a significant impact on the economy and job stability. It’s going to have long-lasting, game-changing implications. There will be industries, businesses and staff who can benefit from this near-drug. Unfortunately, It also seriously harms the industries. Workers in these places will lose their jobs and pursue new ones with extreme difficulties.

The government has directed us to remain indoors and self-quarantine to avoid the corona virus spread. Companies asked their workers to work from home. Wide groups of people are not allowed. Owing to restrictions and uncertainty, people are not traveling, taking flights, eating, staying at hotels or attending concerts and sporting events. Such current patterns will persist long after the epidemic is defeated.

That is where jobs are and where they will be in the future: the major winners will be internet businesses that do not rely on brick-and-mortar locations, healthcare providers, retail chains — especially those with a strong online presence — pharmaceutical companies working on disease cures, technology companies and services, such as Zoom, that cater to people working from home.


Since schools are closed and everyone from high school to college is stuck at home, they’re turning to online video games. Children, as well as some adults, play games in record numbers to keep them amused, particularly in the absence of sporting events. It’s also a way to communicate with friends and family in order to preserve social ties, while at the same time maintaining self-distance. As long as this pattern persists, jobs in this region are secure and will increase to meet demand.

According to the a newspaper “Tech firms are still recruiting feverishly as they seek to take advantage of the increasingly digital change in the world as a result of corona virus, amid major lay-offs elsewhere and the fears about plummeting global markets.” The news also argues that California alone has about 15,852 jobs available.


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